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So many people resign from vanilla business because they do not meet serious suppliers who know the quality of vanilla. Our team is made of local people who worked in vanilla for many years. At each level of the process, the internal control consists to double check the stage from the green beans market up to the classification. The packaging depends to your purchase order. For better understanding, we can classify vanilla products into four (04) categories despite more and more marketing names that appear this last time:

  • - Black Vanilla: This is the top quality of 14cm at least with batch of fatty and flexible pods ideal for fine food and culinary arts including cakes, ice cream, desserts, and dairy products. There are two sub-divisions according to the moisture content: Vanilla Gourmet has 30% - 38% moisture content and Vanilla TK or T4 has 25% - 30% of moisture content
  • - Red Vanilla: That kind of vanilla is recommended for transformation into extract or oleoresin, used in food industry products, ice cream, biscuits, etc. This is a red and flexible pod of vanilla of 14cm at least. The Red US Vanilla with less than 20% moisture content differs to the Red Europe vanilla that has 20% - 25% moisture content.
  • - Short vanilla beans: : This category is for all vanilla between 10cm and 14 cm without any distinction either it is split or not. The average moisture content is less than 20%
  • - Vanilla Cuts: This is from very short green beans of less than 10cm and associated to the pods that are fold-up during the sun drying process. Such vanillas are packed in bulk for any shipment. The average moisture content is less than 20%.

ATTENTION!!! The price is negotiated according to the vanillin rate, the minimum size of pods in cm and the type of vanilla according to their moisture content. It is also important to specify if you are looking for split vanilla beans or not for the category longer than 14cm i.e. Gourmet, TK (T4), and Red Vanilla. For short vanilla and cuts, there is no distinction of split or non split. It is important to be very specific while writing the purchase order.