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Located off the south-east coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. Malagasy people cultivate rice, coffee, vanilla and cloves. Madagascar is the first exporter of vanilla with the best quality in the world and the second largest producer of clove.


TSIFA has a local family warehouse to collect products in Maroantsetra. This remote and rainy region of the island is the best place to buy good quality of products that matches the purchase order of our partners.



Our experience makes it easier for long-term partnership in a win-win strategy. The transportation requires good experience of packaging and control. Each product is available in Price EXW and we can discuss the final incoterms according to the situation


Community Engaged

TSIFA is working with the local Community, helping farmers and educating people

Worldwide Partners

TSIFA is ready to make business with people around the world and to ship the products with condition

Secure Payment

TSIFA is working with Madagascar bank to receive all money transfer according to our final agreement

Top Quality

TSIFA is committed to deliver the best quality of products according to your purchase order

Natural products

TSIFA collects products directly from local farmers in Madagascar and keep it safe and healthy

Competitive Price

Our price is set to ensure that we collect enough quantity and quality of the Products that you need

Our Team


Founder & CEO


Accounting Secretary

Willysnot Herijaona

Quality Supervisor

Pascal VONJY

Logistics Equipement